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rcon problem
I have a windows dedicated server up and running. it is connected to an 8 port switch which is in turn connected to a 4 port router..

I can rcon to the server with my client machine using the internal ip for the machine the server is running on ( no problem...

However no one can rcon to the server machine from outside my home network, using either my public ip or the internal ip of the server machine..All the ports are forwarded on the router....Any thoughts??

Can anyone join the server from outside the network? Gaming Servers
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Yes, anyone can join the server from outside, no problem. The other weird thing is they type

rcon_password *******

the server seems to accept the password?? But then they do
rcon changelevel de_dust
and they get an error "unable to connect to 24.226.**.***:27017" ???
I tink that the problem lies within server.cfg file. You should check up your server.cfg file if it contains this line

rcon_password "insert_your_rcon_password_here"

restart server and rcon should be accesable from outside of your network
Hmm, well..I already have the password specified in my server.cfg file..Very weird...
Anyone can join the server fine. It's just when they try to rcon changelevel de_dust for example that they have problems..."unable to connect to server" ARRGGHHH Why can they connect to the server to PLAY with no problem, but not be able to RCON????
Are you sure you have your cliesnt steam client port diffrent than the servers? that could be causing the problem. They're trying to rcon the server but its YOU they're rconing. and you have no server on your computer so they're getting an error. On your playing computer go into Steam>Play Games>COunter-Strike:Source>Properties>Launch Options in there type this: +clientport 27006

the default port is 27005 - raise it up one number. See if that helps.

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