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No one can connect to my server
Hello! I have got a problem with my Dedicated Server. I have updatet ... it and startet per double click on srcds.exe it. (I tried it with console, too, but It didnt work like with the .exe).

I had:
Port: I tryed 27015 and 1200
Game: CSS of course
Server Name: not important
Map: Tryed evrything
Network: Internet
Max pl: Tryed evrything
RCON Passwort: not important

I could connect with IP .

But my friends couldnt connect: Server doesnt request. I searched in the Search List for my Server but I didnt found it.

Under "LAN" I could see the server. But it WAS Internet.

With the console (Master IP and the other) It didnt work either.
I also started the server and waited 15-25 minute and tryed THAN but it didnt work, too.


PLEASE HELP SOON! Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinWinkWinkWink

EDIT: UPS! I wanted to put it into srcds Windows, sorry!
3 questions-

1. Do you have a Router?
2. If you do have a router have you forwared your ports?
3. if you have foward your ports which ones have you done?

P.S- Im shore cryotek or SirTriger will kindly move the post into windows for you ^^

Sry I dont understand a lot of Routers or ports...

I dont know really...I have got a modem...that is connected with a LAN Wire to my Computer. Than the Wire goes frome the Modem to a Splitter. There goes one wire to the telephone and one to the modem.

I havent forwarded any ports or...can u tell me how to do that?
the ip: is likely ur internal lan address of ur dedicated comp.
go to and it'll show you your external IP

assuming ur using DSL
(1) Wall jack > dsl modem > ur computer > dedicated computer
(2) wall jack > dsl modem > router < ur computer/dedicated computer

the ports u need forward are:
UDP 1200
UDP 27000-27015
TCP 27030-27039
UDP 27015/27020
TCP 27015

reply with what setup (1 or 2) u have, if 2 indicated manufacturer of router (linksys/dlink/etc), if 1 indicate which OS you using
Yeah, seeing how he is showing a 192.168 ip he must be using a router. and he is probably giving his friends the LAN IP. The answer is like Labrat Said, forward said ports. (once you post your router manufacturer we can help) and make sure you give the ip that you see from
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HOW can I forward my Port? Sry Im a Internet noob Sad
#7 can I open ports??

EDIT: (1) Wall jack > dsl modem > ur computer > dedicated computer yes, but MY computer should be the dedicated computer
if your configuration is:
(1) Wall jack > dsl modem > dedicated computer > your computer

then you won't need to forward any ports, i think
just go to, copy down your external ip, and ask your friends to connect to ip:27015

to make sure, open the network connections on the dedicated server, and find the one that has external internet (i'm assuming you have 2 connections, 1 from modem and 1 to your computer). click the support tab, and the IP should match the one given by
Hi guys I am having a similar problem. I put mods on my server. The steam GUI version people can connect to. But the other one the console version no one can connect to I give them my external IP XXX.XX.XXX.XX:27015 and when they try to find that server is says 'Server Not Responding'. I have opened all the right ports put down my firewall correctly and all that but people still cant connect to my server. Can anyone help me?
cryotek Wrote:Yeah, seeing how he is showing a 192.168 ip he must be using a router.

It would be unwise to assume based on the IP range...

Now if your connection looks like this:


Then I would assume you are either:
A) using a usb modem to connect to one computer which then connects to another computer via a crossover cable
B) Same as above only computer1 has 2x network cards.

In which case the only real way to host a server of any kind without having a major shitfest with windows would be to host that server on COMP1 and no ports will require forwarding.... provided you are using a simple single port POS usb or ethernet modem which has no security whatsoever. If this is your setup and the server is still not getting external access then:

1. Test the server with all firewalls disabled (which includes built in windows firewall [START > CONTROL PANEL > WINDOWS FIREWALL > select 'Off (not recommended)' > OK ... restart maybe required], or any macafee, norton anti virus or the dreaded internet security, zonealarm, sygate or similar application)
2. Ensure the server is registering with steam (check the console logs)

IF however your system actually looks like one of these:

1. [wall]
| |
| |
[PC1] [PC2]

2. [wall]
| |
| |
[PC1] [PC2]

Then it is a simple matter of doing the following:

1. Assigning a static IP to the system running the server
2. Opening and forwarding the required ports in your router.

Unfortunately providing step by step guidance through this is impossible without knowing firstly: which setup you have. and secondly: what type of hardware and operating systems are being used.

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