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How do i Update glibc?
Hi I have Redhat linux 7.3. How do I update glibc so i don't get that server quit error? Or if I can't is there a good free version of linux I can get anywhere. I want Redhat 9.0 but I think redhat makes you pay for it now? I'm not sure... Thanks for any help. WinkCool
For redhat users I recommend you get familiar with your package system (RPMs -

FreeBSD use "ports"

I really have no clue how those distros update thier files. I use gentoo personally because the portage system is kickass(to a point).

I would just have to run two commands, and the machine practically updates itself

emerge sync // updates portage tree from CVS distros
emerge -uDpv world //updates everything and any dependancies from proggies that are needing update
So you suggest getting freeBSD? maybe i'll check it out. Do you have a URL for the site? I will try to find it. Thanks for you help.
If you don't know how to update in red hat, you'll more than likely have troubles with FreeBSD. FreeBSD is different than Redhat. I would look into installing yum on your redhat box.

I run Gentoo, but there is quite a bit of downsides. Software like cpanel, or plesk do not support Gentoo
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You could try Fedora (RC3 right now). It's basically a free version of RedHat, and really easy to set up and run.
Thank you so much for the help!!! Kelnage do you use Fedora for a srcds server? I'm wondering how well it would work out. If so do you mind if i join your server and check out how it runs?
Yeah, I do run it, unfortunately it's a LAN server, here at my house and I have very limited outgoing bandwidth. Sorry.

However, from LAN experience, the server is just as stable as other Linux distos I've tried. A bit more heavy on the processor, however, you can disable gnome (the user interface, which is what slows it down, although makes it a lot easier to use).

I know some other people use Fedora for SRCDS, and they seem to have no problems either.

If you do use Fedora, remember that uncompress has been removed (as it is seen as outdated) and prior to installing, you'll have to (in root):

cd /usr/bin
ln -s gunzip uncompress

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