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Installing A Dedicated Half-life Deathmatch: Source Server
This is a cut and paste straight of my site that will be going to hibernation mode as I am currently very interested in Dark Messiah:

This tutorial shows you how to installl and run a dedicated Half-Life: Source Deathmatch: Server.

1) The first thing you need to do is get the windows dedicated source server and download a game such as Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (to get the models and sounds).
[Image: post-1-1154449722.png]

2) Then use GCFScape to extract all the files from  half-life source.gcf and half-life deathmatch source.gcf (found in your steamapps folder in the steam directory) to your dedicated server directory.
[Image: post-1-1154450928.gif]

3) [Optional] Install an admin plugin of your choice using the HL2: DM version (note some functions will crash your server as they have not been designed for HLDM: S)

4) Make a shortcut to your srcds.exe, then go to properties of the shortcut and add the following right after the text in the target field.  
-game hl1mp -console +maxplayers #_of_players_here +map map_name_here
[Image: post-1-1154450491.png]

5) Start the server!
Hello dude. Thanks for taking the time to do a tut. For those of you trying this tut and you get the following error:

num_for_edict: bad pointer

Here is a screenshot so you can see what happens:

It is because you did not overwrite your bin folder in your server directory. Make sure you take the files/folders properly out of the half life deathmatch source gcf file and copy them to your server folder. You might also just want to copy manually the bin folder (the one with all the dlls) from the gcf and put them directly into the main bin folder in your server directory.

I did that, even without extracting the gcf from the main half life source game, and the server still started right up.
Alright, I know this is VERY old so please forgive me for bumping this.

With Valve's Christmas sale, I decided to buy a bunch of my friends the orange box, along with HL1 Source. Well, since I already have a HL2: DM dedicated server, a Team Fortress 2 dedicated server, and a Strider Mod 0.3.5 dedicated server - I have been getting haunted for a good week now to setup a Half Life Source: Deathmatch server and came across this writeup.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get SRCDS working correctly to setup a HL1S dedicated server. I've followed the directions exactly, and SRCDS doesn't even open. I've deviated from the directions a bit and moved a few files around and got SRCDS to run, but it said "0/1 players" and it dodn't load a map (there are no maps in the deathmatch map folder?)

Wondering if there is anyone out there that's running a dedicated server that could help me out.
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It doesn't work for me.
i did all the steps , but then i get getcvarif error from a file of source dedicated server.
when i try with the steam one , it's loading , but after some seconds it closes itself.
destroyer2010; I made you your own thread:

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