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Slow Linux machine handling CS?
Okay, I have a Fedora Linux server here, 800Mhz, 256Mb RAM (I think, and yes, I'm aware the stats are bad, however when it's free, you can't complain, hey?) and I was wondering how well it'd handle a 6 man game of CS:Source (over LAN, so no bandwidth problems). Anybody got any ideas? Would it have any signifigance on the gameplay?
it would run fine as far as i can see. i have a 6 player server online with similar specs and it runs so smoothly.

Have fun! wish i had one for lans.
My server is a dual p3-1.5G dell, but srcds only uses one cpu. It runs a 32 player server smoothly, using 60% of the CPU during peak. That is, about 900Mhz. I'd say your 800MHz would run a 6 player fine, and then some.

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