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how do i download the server
i downloaded the thing on the srcds website and i clicked start->run then i typed all the things it told me to type but now i dont know if it is downloadin or not can u tell me how to know if it is downloadin or not plzzz someone plzz help me
cryotek Wrote:This is what I would do:

grab the hldsupdatetool from

create c:\srcds

Now, i've never done this in windows but i assume it'll be the same as linux, run hldsupdatetool from the cmd.exe (start button -> run cmd.exe click run) with the following options:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "counter-strike source" -dir c:\srcds -verify_all

takin from what cryotek said in the post bellow this...
I dint understood anything.
Can some one tell me pls how i can create the server?
This thread is 2 years old..Rolleyes

Anyway, try searching around this forum, there's a ton of guides to install any kind of server.

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