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help me plz
i did all the steps on the srcds website. how do i know if i am downloading the server or not? PLZ REPLY I NEED HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ
cryotek Wrote:This is what I would do:

grab the hldsupdatetool from

create c:\srcds

Now, i've never done this in windows but i assume it'll be the same as linux, run hldsupdatetool from the cmd.exe (start button -> run cmd.exe click run) with the following options:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "counter-strike source" -dir c:\srcds -verify_all

I belive it is all there when you run the hldsupdatetool.exe it will say what it is downloading.
open task manager & look @ your network tab to see if its being used (don't be downloading anything or transferring files to another computer if you do this, you just want to be downloading the game)

but if you're downloading it sucessfully, you should see different files being downloaded in the CMD window

it'll say "downloading blah blah blah"

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