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is 256mb ram and 1.0 duron ok as specs for a hl2dm ds?

i was thinking i might need another 256 of ram but if i can do without it i will.

this will be on lan so no connection issues.
uh, might be a bit of choke there, how many slots?
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similar situation.
also answered with a different view.
i donno as many as i can get without touching the rates.

im testing it this sat at a lan.
I am running a CS Source server on a P3 933 and 512MB PC133, I can get up to about 10 players on before it starts to get a little choppy. That is also where it starts to get close to my bandwidth limit too though so I am not totally sure which is the one holding me back. However I have it set to run 10 bots and drop one each time a player comes on, with 5-6 bots ad 4-5 players everything still runs fine. Try it at the lan party and see how it works out. I would try and squeeze some more RAM in though.
RAM always helps, especially if its as low as 256 means you are constantly reading/writing from hard drive. Gaming Servers
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