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*[Server Uses Different Class Tables]*
Hey everyone, here are specs

- windows xp
- latest update (did it twice)
- latest mani admin plugin
- latest eventscripts
- latest gungame scrtipt

well that everyting, plus my server crashes due to the eventscripts.

eg. when i knife some one crash, and when i slap some one crash

any type of reply would we really appreciated

NOTE: EventScript & Mani Not Working Well Together MAYBE
chances are the new update broke mani and or eventscript.

as far as the different classes bit, make sure you client is updated as well.
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Thank you very much cryotek, thats a good answer I heard that because of the new update mods wouldn 't work ill diffently try that Thx.

God Bless
haha this guy had a same problem as me Big Grin

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