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I need help updating my old windows cs:s server

So many of you may be wondering,"Why does he have a windows server runnign when he had a linux box that he was complaining about?" Well, until I get gentoo working, I have to use...ugg ngwwaaahhhhh[size=2] so I am wondering.... After the BOT update I try and try to update my server, and I keep on getting stuck at cs_office.bsp and whenever I try to update it, I think im doing it wrong because it tries to login under my password, and so I need help! When I try to conenct to it it say, "[TMP] server out of date". I need help! How do I get it to update!?!??!
I have the same thing here.... don't know the problem either, maybe some problems @ steam ?!?!

However i found some files on the web by searching google but they were all outdated (may 2004 Rolleyes )

i'll subscribe on this sub. to see if someone else knows how to help us out.
I get the same thing on my linux based CS:S server.

All i get is FTP access tot he server, nothing else.
Here's the command I use to update my dedicated server. Username and password should obviously be changed to your own steam account and your -dir folder may be different.

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\HLServer -username killer123 -password moomoo -remember_password

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the command, i used the same.

The way to solve this (in my case) was simple and effective, search and delete the 2 .blob (or blog??) files in the serverdirectory (or the sub directory's of the server)

And UPDATE Smile
Do i do this in the console/remote rcon, or do i require ssh/putty ect? (or ftp)
Glen Wrote:Do i do this in the console/remote rcon, or do i require ssh/putty ect? (or ftp)

In case you didnt notice, this is 'srcds Windows' forum Wink Gaming Servers
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When I updated to the version that included bots, i had to restart it multiple times to get it to complete. It would stall on different files. This is likely do to the load on the Steam servers at the time. Have you tried multiple times?
I have a windows server with the sam issue. Both servers are using the same host side ftp controle. ftp + rcon is all i have for both servers.
then having your server run with -autoupdate with steam pass and user is the only way to go. if the game server is ran by some GSp, it up to them to update it in that case.
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