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server problem.
hi, I've been working on one of my servers, and I got several errors on it. First of all, it got this wierd ending of its name (seems to be totaly random) it might have a name like this: "DoNe 1 -|Norway|- [allmaps] % 4 # % & / !" and the last part, isnt supposed to be there at all, It sertanly isnt in server.cfg or autoexec.cfg, and it wount go away when I try removing it with RCON.

The next symptom is that the server really donsnt follow the maplist at all. It might start on dust, next on the maplist woult then be dust2, but it again jumps to office instead.

At several times it might get laggy, something thats strange while thinking of the connection to the server (6/6mbs) and the strength of the server itself. Afther about 2 - 6 hr it just crashes and needs to be restarted.

-Server spec-

AMD athlon 1.2 GHZ
512mb DDR2 RAM
6 mb/s / 6mb/s fiber conection (LYSE)
Linux SLACKWARE 10.2 (console)
Mani admin plugin (1.1.0zi)

(no other prosesses are currently running on this box)
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