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Hi guys,
Is there anyway to change the title bar of the srcds window? This is because I would like to title them depending upon the server so I can easily shut 1 server down as I will know which 1 it is, whereas at the moment all the servers have the same title bar.

Many thanks.
Not possible, use a panel of firedaemon or serverchecker to restart your servers.
[Image: banner.gif]

I've got a batch file to restart the server i'd just like to know which was which so I can easily close a server, cheers neway.
What i do is make a icon on my desktop and put in start up line, then choose a Differnt picture than the default one (HL-2) try this cuz when server is up it shows the icon in top Left
then all you have to do is remember which picture you put to a server
Interesting idea, i'm going to see if I can find a hack somewhere or something, it would be really neat if it could have been done easily though.

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