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Spec. Free Look not moving.
Hello, I've got a problem, which occured quite a while ago...

On my server, nobody can move their spectator free look camera, and I have no clue why.. I'm sorry if you are thinking : why didn't you post this in the Steam forums? Well actually I have, but got no answer in 5 days.


As some of you use Mani mod, on your server, I tried going no-clip to see if it'll work (since no-clipping is like being a spectator, but alive.) and it didn't work at all. (I couldn't move at all =[)

Anyone have the answer, I would appreciate it if you shared it Smile

Thanks again.

EDIT : Oh, almost forgot, I also put this in the server.cfg...

mp_allowspectators 1
sv_specaccelerate 5
sv_specnoclip 1
sv_specspeed 3
Please? Somebody? ;_;
I really need to find out why the cam isn't working.. T.T
sv_forcecamera 0

jackaL Wrote:sv_forcecamera 0

Unfortunatly, didn't work.

EDIT : If anyone else has anymore ideas, I would love to hear 'em =|

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