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Need adminlist.txt and admingroups.txt
Anyone have adminlist.txt and admingroups.txt for mani adming plugin the new version doesnt have it in the zip, so can some1 please post it here. I would just go to mani but the site is still not working.
the new version doesn't use those files anymore, you use the ma_client and ma_clientgroup commands in the console.

New Commands: -

There are basically two new commands to manage the whole client system:-

ma_client - Handle commands related to individual clients plus database export/import
ma_clientgroup - Handle the groups and levels

Each command has a sub command that specifies what you are planning to do:-

This is a dump of what happens if you just type 'ma_client':-

Mani Admin Plugin: ma_client <sub command> <param 1> <param 2>
Note that if a parameter has spaces then it must be enclosed in quotes
<ID> Represents the user id of a player in game, or their client name,
Steam ID, Nickname, IP Address
For adding flags, using "+#" will add all flags, "-#" will remove all flags

Sub commands :->
Status (Lists all client names for the server)
Status <Name> (Shows details of specified client)

AddClient <Name> (Must be unique)
AddSteam <ID> "Steam ID"
AddNick <ID> "Player Nickname" (Used in conjunction with password)
AddIP <ID> "IP Address"
SetName <ID> "New Name" (Update a client with a new name, this must be unqiue !!)
SetPassword <ID> "Password" (Password to be used in conjuction with nicknames. NOT STEAM ACCOUNT PASSWORD !)
SetEmail <ID> "Email Address"
SetNotes <ID> "Client Notes"
AddIGroup <ID> "Immunity Group"
AddAGroup <ID> "Admin Group"
SetILevel <ID> <Immunity Level ID>
SetALevel <ID> <Admin Level ID>
SetIFlag <ID> "Immunity flags" (+ to add, - to remove)
SetAFlag <ID> "Admin flags" (+ to add, - to remove)

RemoveClient <Name> (Removes client for this server)
RemoveSteam <ID> "Steam ID"
RemoveIP <ID> "IP Address"
RemoveNick <ID> "Player Nickname"
RemoveIGroup <ID> "Immunity Group"
RemoveAGroup <ID> "Admin Group"

Database sub commands :->
Upload (Used to create and upload clients to a database)
Download (Used to download the clients from the database to the server and write clients.txt)

This is a dump of what happens if you just type 'ma_clientgroup':-

Mani Admin Plugin: ma_clientgroup <sub command> <param 1> <param 2>
Note that if a parameter has spaces then it must be enclosed in quotes
For adding flags, using "+#" will add all flags, "-#" will remove all flags

Sub Commands :->
Status agroup (Shows all admin groups and their flags)
Status igroup (Shows all immunity groups and their flags)
Status alevel (Shows all admin levels and their flags)
Status ilevel (Shows all immunity levels and their flags)

addagroup "Admin Group Name" "Flags (+ to add, - to remove)" (Add/Update Admin group)
addigroup "Immunity Group Name" "Flags (+ to add, - to remove)" (Add/Update immunity group)
addalevel <Admin Level ID (must be number)> "Flags (+ to add, - to remove)" (Add/Update Admin Level)
addilevel <Immunity Level ID (must be number)> "Flags (+ to add, - to remove)" (Add/Update Immunity Level)

removeagroup "Admin Group Name"
removeigroup "Immunity Group Name"
removealevel <Admin Level ID (must be number)>
removeilevel <Immunity Level ID (must be number)>

It is important to remember that if a parameter has spaces or non-alpha characters in it, it MUST be enclose in quotes...

"My Client"

The next section will detail some examples of setting up a client group and client

Setting up an admin group and a client

NOTE : If you are installing from scratch, you will need to set yourself up using rcon commands until you have plugin access.

Before you start you can look at the flaglist.txt file for a list of the current flags

Setting up an admin group that is full admin access....

ma_clientgroup addagroup "Full Access" "+#"

This will add the admin group 'Full Access' with all flags setup. Use "+#" to denote that all flags will be set.

Setting up an admin group with all access minus a few options...

ma_clientgroup addagroup "My Group 1" "+# -a -b -g"

This will add the admin group "My Group 1" with all flags set but minus the a, b and g flags (+adds a flag, -removes a flag)

Setting up a client......

ma_client addclient "Mani"

This will add a new client to the system. If a client of this name already exists you will be shown an error message (The client names must be unique).
Running ma_client status will show the current list of clients assigned for the server.

Setting up a steam id for my new client "Mani" entry

ma_client addsteam "Mani" "STEAM_0:0:1234"

This associates a steam ID with the client Mani.
The client Mani cannot yet access any admin or immunity functions but at least can now be recognised by the plugin as being a client.
You can have multiple steam ids associated with a single client if you wish.

Adding basic admin functionality and the ability to access both ma_client and ma_clientgroup....

ma_client setaflag "Mani" "+admin +client"

Every client that wishes to have at least basic admin access must have the admin flag setup.
If a client does not have the admin flag setup then they will not be recognised as admin no matter what other admin flags are set for them. This may seem a little strange but it is handy for defining levels.

Adding an admin group to a client....

ma_client addagroup "Mani" "Full Access"

This will give the client "Mani" access to the group called "Full Access". You can have a client belong to multiple groups.
This method is the preferred way of managing what accesses your clients have. It will save you time in the long run as you can simply use the ma_clientgroup addgroup <group name> <flag modifiers> to alter an existing group.

I do not want to authorise by steam ID, what do I do ?

There are two other methods for authorising as a client.

Use IP addresses....

ma_client addip <ID> "<IP Address">

An example would be ma_client addip "Mani" ""

Use nick names and passwords....

ma_client setpassword "Mani" "mypassword"
ma_client addnick "Mani" "[MyClan] Mani"

Note that you can only have one password for your client. You can however have multiple nick names associated for the client and password

What do I do for immunity groups ?

It is the same principle but the commands use an i in the subcommand instead.
You should note that like an admin must have the admin flag, a client that is to have access to immunity functions must have the flag immunity setup for them.

Client Levels

This is a new feature that does not exist in the previous V1.1.0x series of the plugin.

Client levels allow you to a filter to specific flags of a client depending on which clients are active on a server. Imagine the scenario...

There are a few players on a server, two of them are admins but for whatever reason you want some/all of their priviledges to be removed if you join the server.
You join the server and with the levels setup correctly they lose the ability to ban or kick players but you still have all your own priviledges.

Levels are setup for both admin and immunity flags. The difference being the 'a' or 'i' in the subcommand (setalevel, setilevel etc).
The levels are setup initially by using level groups.
Each level group has an ID number (this must be a number)

The level of a client is based on how small the number is, level 0 is the ultimate level to have, anything greater than 0 is a lower level admin.

Setting up an admin level group

So I have several clients so far that have admin access.
I want to setup an admin level id group so that when I join a server and other admins are on with lower levels, they lose the ability to kick and ban players.

Add or update group 0 so that b and k flags are added (starting with -# will turn off the flags)
ma_clientgroup addalevel 0 "+b +k"

Update my client so that I have an admin level of 0

ma_client setalevel "Mani" 0

Update my other clients who have admin so that they have a lower admin level. It does not matter if the level exists or not.

ma_client setalevel "Jim" 1
ma_client setalevel "Bob" 2
ma_client setalevel "Sally" 3

Now, assuming Jim, Bob and Sally have all admin priviledges and are playing on the server.
I now join, the plugin recognises me and recomputes all the admin/immunity clients on the server based on their level access id.

For Jim, Bob and Sally this means that because they have a lower admin level they lose their b and k flags.

If you wish to completely remove admin powers for a client, use the flag admin in your admin level group.

What about immunity levels then ?

Well they are the same as the admin groups except you use the setilevel, addilevel and use the immunity flags instead.
If you want to completely remove immunity for a client, use the immunity flag.

What if I don't want admin or immunity levels to affect a client ?

By default the levels are set to -1, you can also reset a level to -1 by using the command ma_client setalevel <ID> -1
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