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I'm a first timer at this hosting. i have gotten through everything but one thing. and thats the server.cfg

i have done it in notepad. didn't work

done it in database file. didn't work.

and yes it is in the right place cstrike/cfg folder.
after trying some more i noticed in the console it said

Couldn't exec server.cfg. could anyone help with this. and put it so a begginer can understand...

make sure its server.cfg and not server.cfg.txt open the file in notepad, do file save as, wher eit says Text Documents (*.txt) click the drop menu and change it to all files, then save it as server.cfg
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lol thats easy..are u sure its in cfg format??..if it isnt copy your autoexec.cfg, rename it server and put all ur stuff in it and thats it..that should work so yeah..

BTW* is your server up to date?

or that lol

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