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Keeps Installing CS 1.6
When trying to download the files for srcds, I get the message "Unrecognized Parameter 'Source'." It keeps installing regular Counter-Strike and not Counter-Strike:Source. The command line I am using is "hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds -username XXXX -password YYYY" What do I do?
how do u know its 1.6 not source that unrecon. thing happened to me to but it worked
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try just typing

hldsupdatetool -update "Counter-Strike Source" c:\srcds yourusername yourpass

I have had it install CS 1.6 on me before too and didn't realize it until I had friends ask me why the server was running CS 1.6 instead of source. still don't know why it happened but I just deleted the folder and started over.
Apparently you have 1.6 installed somewhere else im sure, im not sure how this works in windows, try removing InstallRegistry.blob, search around for all .blob files, those should be for steam. normally in linux removing ~/.steam helps, but i dunno for win32
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