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Port forwarding prob cant make sorce server!
i cant get my server to apear on the master server list. I recently tryed to port forward so that i could start a srcds and i turned dmz on, port forwarded "steam server" and i also turned my friwall settings off i dont know what else to try...
i want to start a server for counterstrike source

i have a belkin f5d7230-4 router and i have a motorola modem(dont think it madders thou)
any help would be SOOO great thnx
Big Grin
There was a discussion about this on the first page if you cared to look over a few posts before posting. It either 1 or 2 things:
1. a result in the latest august 24th update.
2. It takes a bit to gt on the master server list as there are ALOT of servers to generate.

Next time Look around, yes i know the search button is is broken (i myself cannot fix this) But that is no excuse to be lazy and just post instead of looking around.

When you dmz you host you open ALL ports to that host. so there is no forwarding needed.

If you give others your ip and they can connect, then everything is fine. Have something called patience.
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but they cant connect
it shows my ip on the srcds (im using the steam one by the way)it says my ip is but when i get my friends to try this they say not apearing in the list and i dont know what to do... is there some company i can phone or something? i need help bad...
p.s. how do i know if i have the latest update or not? and where can i download it?
That is your private IP only you can see that, you need to give your friends you WAN ip which you can find here: again, something simular to this has been mentioned on other recent posts.

As far as updating if you installed it after august 24th, chances are you're up to date, your server will let you know if it needs to be restarted for an update.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
it still doesnt work i dont think my dmz is unblocking it could it maybe be my friewall settings or my virus blocker thing?
cause no one can join my server

it there a tutorial u could direct me to, to get this to work? thnx so much i will also look around while im waiting for a reply
U need to check with your isp and ask them if u have a public ip or not. if you dont you are behind your isp firewall and others cant see you,
I had this same problem, I just gave up after wasting too much time on it... I don't know what to tell you.
Try disableing your firewalls, virus blocker thing and then try,

if it works then you can download a firewell called ZoneAlarm it works Great with Servers
heh, zone alarm is great, but really just about any pc firewall will work other then norton... Big Grin Zone alarm is one of the better ones though.
OK I have this same issue, I can't see my server listed I could only see it listed under lan. I have tried....everything. I downloaded some tunneling software for the port, I turned off my firewall, I tried the master ips for the server and yet after hours of trying I still can't see it on there everytime I turn it on. And I am not giving up...I have read a posts before mine that youhave to wait for it to be detected. If so how long do I have to wait.

PS...My Wan ip or whatever you want to call the ip i always's the only ip that i know of :\
Got your Ports forwarded Correct?

Here is a map that no server has i used this map for when i didnt no my ports where forwarded correctly Then it saves you time scrolling threw the servers to find your all you have to do is search for that map Its Easy!

Link for Map -

Edit: Dont forget to put your server on this map!

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