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Server Jitters?
Has anyone else noticed that when they leave their server idle for about a day (or more), when they come back it seems like the server is very jittery (ct models shake from left to right)? Is this a problem with linux srcds? Once the server is restarted, it works fine as long as you play on it, but once it sits again, right back to the same thing. Is there something that can be done to remedy this? If someone would like me to post a demo file of this, just let me know. I have administered many servers and on every linux server it seems to do this. Are there other kernel tweaks (besides kernel HZ that can be done to avoid this)?

Server Specs:
Dual Core 3.0Ghz
1Gig DDR2
Gigabit uplink
12 Slot Private

Restart the servers daily. I guess this happens on private servers? If so, just change the map and it's fixed too.
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