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server doesn't start because quake sounds

i can't start the server because the quake sounds.
the problem is: missing shutdown function for....

the said: add "exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg" (without "") to your mani_server.cfg, if this entry isn't already there.

in the Mani_server.cfg said: In order for this config to be used by the plugin an exec command must be placed in the server.cfg file within the /cfg folder. 'exec mani_server.cfg'.

so i placeest exec mani_server.cfg and exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg in server.cfg but then i cant start my server....

Someone who's got the same problem ?


This is prob. due to Valve's lastest update. Disable all plugins and rename the addons folder in the cstrike directory.
Why are you giving the strange advice to rename this folder?

Solution is: update your mods, allmost all are fixed by their makers by now.
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