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Hello all, I have an interesting problem, I'm running a dedicated CS:S server on a slackware box, and I'm trying to boost it's performance, and specifically the network latancy. I run the server with -pingboost 3, but I don't really see any major difference compared to normal mode. the odd thing is that my cpu usage doesn't go above 20% at any time, not even when the server is full (14 players). So does anyone know why it doesn't run at a higher cpu level, and if so how could I boost it to give me better latency? Any thoughts are welcome since I'm at a comlete loss here.

The server is a Athlon 1600+ 512 Mb ram, running slackware 9, the cpu usage levels aer from top.
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-pingboost switch was probably coded tyo be accepted but im sure it still doesn't work yet.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.

Yeah I was afraid of that, why doesn't valve have a list of things that work and one with upcomming fearures? Or better yet turn the srcds over to the opensource community, that would solve everyones problems, including valves. Anyways thx for the reply.
For the first time in my life, I\'m confused - Homer Simpson.

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