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list of what today's update has screwed up....
so far

some eventscripts

sigh.....go valve go...
I actually got mani beta N RC2 working, an updated gametypes.txt file was posted in the announcements forum.

I also noticed some custom maps have been crashing my server, here are 2 I have found so far:

Beetles has a fix too: Beta 63F, only HLstatsX isn't working anymore as long a a lot of Beetlesmod options.
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Eventscript Tools also messed as far as I know.
[Image: linkinboxtf0.jpg]
any of you running zombiehorde, they have a patch available.

also it seems like any custom maps will crash due to the new radar. (only confirmed with the maps i run)
fqdn, you are right about the custom maps. I know a lot of CS:S custom maps servers has been down, but as far as I know some maps still work with a basically blank radar. I got a few 24/7 breakfloor servers and it works fine.
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It seems to me that its the custom de maps that crash. My gungame server has been running fine with gg, aim, and fy maps. My normal server was able to load several custom cs maps, but none of the de maps I've tried.
Beetles & Mani have fixes. Mods giving problems: VIP mod, zombiemod.

About the custom maps crashing: delete all .nav files and disable bots on custom maps. The server then makes new .nav files and no more crashes.
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I've deleted all the .NAV files and it attempts to resample walking spaces but bombs out.

If I disable bots completely it works fine - but I want bots.

What's the solution here?
Also add Zblock and Autoban to the above list. Zblock has released a new version that works though, but no clue when Autoban will.
The Mani site is down probably due to all the hits it must've got. Can anyone PM or email me the gametypes file or upload it somewhere?
I posted the file in the other thread. Seems like their host evolans is down too *shakes head*
[Image: linkinboxtf0.jpg]
death beams results in immediate memory fault and another c++ error.
I have tried both 1.1 and 1.2 and can run the stats and betting, but much more results in the old memory error.

WOW Valve really threw us a wrench on this one.

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