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It was working...
Ok, so yesterday me and a friend set up a Cs:s server with srcds. It worked fine over LAN and we had people connecting over the net. Today I could connect via lan and he could connect via steam, until i had to restart my pc and the server no longer connected to Steam servers. So I restarted my machine and srcds. It now connects to steam servers and i can see it over lan but my friend cant see it over the net.
I've since restarted botyh my machine and srcds, and checked sv_lan 0.
however i can still get "bad challenge"??
Any help apreciated.
did your IP change?
No, i've used to check =(
i assume you tried giving him the direct IP of your server and not just having him look through the server list
Yeah, but the weird thing is It is working and people can join when they search througyht the server list, yet when i gave the IP to someone they cant connect.

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