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Servers taking forever to list.
I have been fighting this for a while and have tried many things... I am on an amazing network that pings lower by a couple ms then other networks in the area, although it takes quite some time for my gameservers to list.

If they even list at all it takes about a minute or more and generally people dont wait that long for servers to list. When the server does list it lists with around a 400+ ping but when you join it is fine. This is the same way for playing on the network.. I will list like 10 servers at 1-10 ping and then the rest are all sky high but when I joint most of themt he ping is fine.

I figured I might get some looks here from someone at valve possibly.. I am not sure if anyone has ever had this problem and fixed it. The only thing I have been told that I haven't tried is to change the route to the steam master servers from nlayer ot level3 or something else.. I am not sure how that will make a difference as the route is close to the same? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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