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OK, I REALLY need help!!!
I just download Source Dedicated Server, put in all the settings... Blah Blah and launched it. Now, if i go to favourites and put in the IP adress it comes up, but no one else seems to be able to find it and no one joins... Sad I would like some advice and would like to know how to make myself an admin on my server. Thank you
Are you behind a router? do you have your ports forwarded? any firewalls running? are you allowing srcds to get through? which ip are you giving them? your LAN? (if you are behind a router) LAN ip is normally a 192.168.x.x ip and only you can connect to that, you need to give them your external IP which you can find on here
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If you havent forwarded any ports then this list will help you with the needed ports in order for the server to operate correctly.

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