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Batch File Attributes
Hi.i'm new on this board Smile

I was asking myself about the attributes of srcds.
You know, "-port, +ip, -autoupdate".

I would know if it's possible, most of these attributes.

I would know either if i can abord the server.cfg loading of my server to tell it to load an other cfg (to have bat files with differents server setting)

Thank you Smile

Anyone on the entire web know that !? That's the 4th board i post and no-one can answer !
i would like to noe also i am realy intrested
To know everything is to realize you know nothing.....
Your sentence structure is alittle rough so my guess is that you want to write a .bat file for each server on the same box you plan on running, each with different settings. As far as I know, it isn't possible. There is only one server.cfg file that your server will read from, and I don't think there is a way to tell your server startup to look at another server.cfg file, like server1.cfg or something.
That is just my guess from having worked a bit with the dedicated server, but I could be wrong.
If you're writing batch files there's no reason why you can't create several .cfg files (Copy1 of Server.cfg, Copy2 of Server.cfg etc.. - you can call them anything though) and then use a dos copy command to overwrite the main server.cfg before running srcds.exe.

An example batch might look something like:-

cd C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg
copy "Copy 1 of Server.cfg" server.cfg
srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +maxplayers 16

You would create a startup batch for each different server.cfg you want to run, substituting the copy command with the correct file names.
hi !

Thanks all for your answers and excuse my poor english (i'm french :p)

Well i've found an attributes which can load a different server.cfg !

Just add "+servercfgfile yourconfigserver.cfg" to your .bat command and it will load this cfg instead of server.cfg !!!

I hope this will help !

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