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A few more things
I managed to get everything installed correctly except for CS:S, I keep getting the Compression Failure on cs_office.bsp. CAn you just download that file seperately and move on and anyone know where to get it?

My real question though is about Network I guess. I ran my server fine for hl2dm. I was able to connect fine from another internal PC and a few friends were able to connect via the internet. However It seems like the server didnt like more than 2 people. Is that a networking issue? I am behind a router but I did all the NAT port forwarding for 27010, 27012, 27015, 27040 to go directly to the IP of my DS.

Is it a router issue preventing multiple connections? I tried upgrading ram and the same problem occurs.

One last thing, when I specify +ip is that ip supposed to reflect my Internal IP of that server or the WAN IP that the public will see?
What connection is your server on?
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Cable with 6mps down and 768k up
I get great connections to cause Im in a low populated area, with alot of older folks who dont tap the connection like I do. HeHe

Oh and the ping rates my friends were getting all said like 40-70 so i dont know if its a bandwidth issue yet. I set maxplayers to 8 anyway


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