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High CPU usage for CS:S server(s)
My host is unhappy with my servers CPU usage. He continues to threaten to cancel me and tells me I'm better off renting my own *damn* dedicated box because my servers take so much of his precious CPU resources. He says many hosts have doubled their rates or just cancelled hosting Source games all together because of this.

I know it takes more to run them, but come on how much worse can it be then running a Q3 or BF2 server? I can't think any reason why, but I don't know the specifics behind the needed resources between the games.

Anyway I have 4 CS:S servers. All run the current MetaMod/ManiMod. One has the GunGame mod from Mattie running, another has Bailopans DeathMatch mod running and the other two have the popular ZombieMod running on them. All 4 servers are 24 man servers.

With all 24 slots filled on any server, the CPU usage for that server ranges from 35% to 50% load this is with 33tickrate, 33updaterate and 100 FPS. On default 33tick, 60update and 300fps I was hitting 70% CPU usage on each server when they were full.

I've lowered tickrate to 20, updaterate 20 and fps to 40 and the CPU usage is STILL 31%-40%. Why? Thats ridiculous in my opinion, the funny thing is the servers seem to run better now than they did with a higher tickrate/update/fps.

Server is v1.0.0.28 (Linux, Dedicated, Protocol 7) Fedora core 4. Dual opterons, 8gbs ram and a 100mb connection. He showed me his usermin panel for a full 32 man quake3 server and it's peak CPU usage was 28% and averaged 23%.

The box only has me and 3 other people on it right now, and he doesn't want me on his box much longer unless I can figure out how to lower CPU usage.

Can someone help me? OR have I already done everything possible. I feel I have but thought it worth the effort to ask someone who knows more about this stuff than me. I have access to CMD line if I need to change anything there~

Plz let me know.
well, you're constantly using 84 slots That does seem a bit right, belive it or not, linux srcds uses more cpu than windows srcds.

only thing i can recommend is renicing each server process so it a lower priority.
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Mine cpu load on a dual 248 has gone from 50 players online: 50% load to 85% load average. Seems srcds uses more and more...

1st situation in march this year en last right now.
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