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2 Dedicated Servers behind 1 Modem\Router?
Okay, here's a real simple question that for some reason I can't find the answer to anywhere else.

Is it possible for me to run two dedicated servers from two separate computers that are both hooked up to the same modem\router at the same time?

I ask because I currently have a dedicated server running on this network that works perfectly. So when I tried to run another server from a different computer on this network I set it up exactly the same. Forwarded the same ports, used the same directories, etc. And for some reason (even though sv_lan is set to 0 in both the command line and the server.cfg) it will not show up on the Steam master list and only appears on the LAN server list.

Any help would be apreciated. Thanks. Big Grin
you;ll have to forward the ports to both servers (two differnt IP address)
I did. I forwarded the ports that worked for the first dedicated server ( and forwarded them to the second server ( and for some reason it doesn't work outside of LAN even tho sv_lan is set to 0. Thanks for the help though.

What's worse is that before we moved the server that I'm having problems with worked fine even while I had both servers running.
heres the thing, while yes you have 2 different LAN IPs you still only have one WAN ip, so you can't forward 1 port between 2 computers. so one will have to be 27015 and the other will have to be for example 27020.

I think the only way that would work is if your router could load balance, and if its a home router, i doubt it can do that. I have not seen many home/SOHO routers with that advanced routing. unless it were modified to run linux or some BSD variant.

So in short:

Yes you can have 2 servers on different computers under the same router, no they cannot each use the same port.

cs player trying to xx.xx.xx.xx on 27015
Router with .102 and .102 open on 27015
should go here | | | or here
| | |
| | | dropped
but goes here

^ looked better when i FIRST made that... honestly...
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With different ports and IP's they should show up as 2 seperate servers in the list. Just remember to forward the two different ports to the correct servers...Wink

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