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A prob (im a Noob)
i have a prob i have a router if i start my server it doesnt work ´internet works fine´ if i put my internet cabel in my router my server works
its anoying to put cabel in and out cous we have 4 pc´s Help me pls im a noob so dont know what to do...
it sounds like you need to forward ports on your router so your server connects to the internet
How can i do tht ?
go to start then run.
type "cmd"
type ipconfig /all
find your default gateway and type that into the address bar of your web browser.
Also copy down your IP Address (for your server).

When you enter the default gateway into your browser there should be a popup. For password type "admin" which in most cases is the password. If not research default passwords for your router and if you changed your password and forgot it just simply reset your router and the default PW should work.

Once you are inside your router you must find a "Port Forwarding Tab"
In mine it's under "Applications and Gaming".

Once you find that enter these following ports and assign them to your servers LAN IP Address:
---Start -- End ---- Protocol
1200 1200 UDP
27000 27015 UDP
27030 27039 TCP
27015 27020 UDP
27015 27015 TCP

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