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problems running in console
i first attempted to run srcds on my linux partition but it would never show on the list. so i installed it on my windows partition and same thing. The weird thing is if i run it in GUI mode everything works fine; it gets on the steam sever list.

DoD:S Server
AMD 64 3000+
1024 Ram
80GB 7200 windows partition
40BG 7200 linux (Ubuntu 6.06 64 bit) partition
crap 32 bit old school video card.
net speed: 10179dl / 997ul
I take it you are forwarding the necessary ports on your router?
well it runs in GUI mode so i assume all ports are fowarded properly.
Ive got a sugestion, remove ubuntu, install Gentoo Smile
gentoo is sexy i must say but i like to dip in all the distros then i come back to the ones i love.

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