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How to install Screen
Please kindly point me to documentation on how to install Screen on my dedicated server and which version to download. I have found a place to download screen but there were multiple versions of it.

I would need a step by step instruction on how to install screen as I am a beginner at linux.
I am running centOS 4.3

Many thanks in advance,

assuming x86, download from one of the links here:

then upload to your server OR download directly to your server in /usr/local/src or wherever then type "rpm -i thesuperduperlongfilename.rpm"

and it's installed. are you sure it isn't on there already?

EDIT: actually this filename isn't too long for once Big Grin
nope, I typed screen then it says -bash screen not found
You should be able to run "yum install screen" and have it installed automatically.
yum install screen
up2date -i screen

on fedora and centos as root.
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how to install screen on freeBSD 6.2 i386?

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