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where do i put my maps? (yes i am a noob)
this is gonna sound surverly noobish ok but i can't find were i am sposed to put my maps ive got around all my problems i ahve set it up and had it running, the admin problems have gone. I was just wondering were THE HELL IS THE MAP LIST i have all my maps in the maps folder and i have made the votemaplist but i cant find where i am suposed to put my maps so that i can go to them and that i can look in admin an go change next map to ......

any help is greatly apreciated thanks for ur time.

(also if anyone could give me a link to a place to download a auto installing source meta mod id be happy)
maps go in srcds/cstrike/maps
(if you names your server folder srcds)

map list is called mapcycle.txt just list the maps without the .bsp extention

If you installed srcds from steam it'll probably be in c:\program files\steam\steamapps\<steamusername>\source DS\cstrike\maps or where ever steam will install it.
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i know where to put my maps i sead that
and i have my maps in map cycle
mapcycle.txt = your map rotation

maplist.txt = map u can view to choose from in your admin menu

maplist.txt should be in ur cstrike folder
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thanks loads man i got it working all is good ill see ya all with my next problem

(there wasnt a maplist file so i just made one and it worked like a charm)

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