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Server does not show up on LAN, unsure of IP
Okay, so I've got a fresh CS:S server up and running on my new Linux Redhat machine, and it appears to work great, except I can't see it in my server list.

I have another Windows box with SRCDS on it, as soon as I start it up, you can see it in the LAN server list as in the server browser (regardless of whether or not I have forwarded the port through my router).

The Linux server does NOT show up on the LAN, and I don't know what the IP of the Linux machine is on the network (which means I can't forward the port either). In SRCDS, the IP shows up as, which is obviously not correct.

How can I get my Linux machine to appear on the network and the server in the LAN servers list, and how can I find out what its true IP is on my network?
Alright, using /sbin/ifconfig I was able to find out the Linux machine's IP on the network, but even if I add -ip <ip> to the command line when I start SRCDS, it still does not show up on the LAN servers list.

SRCDS indicates the server is using the correct address now, but I still can't see or connect to the server.

Had to disable RedHat's software firewall.

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