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looking for somthing like cortex
Do you guys know of an application like cortex that is free. I run a server for my clan. We have on 33 tic pub and a 66tic match server. We also run UT2004 and BF2 on it. I would like to allow my clan mates to stop and start servers with out giving them remote desktop to it. any suggestions?

Doubt you'll find anything like cortex for free. Shouldn't be too hard to do something up in php though.
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#3 will do something like that, web based control panel and free for up to 2 servers. you will need to let it re-install your games on your server though as it puts it into it's own directory structure.
Another one I would be looking out for the future up and coming free app for clans would be . They have probably one of the best control panels and admin interfaces i have ever used.

Their free clan version to my uderstanding is still under production, but it doesnt hurt to keep checking their site for updates.

Hope it all works out for ya
Before we invested in TCAdmin for all our servers we used to use which allows you to run your current servers within a restart wrapper plus it has a web interface to stop and start the servers for your admins.
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