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can't get my admin to work for me
Hey guys i am pretty new to this but here is wats up,

i have my server its all good i can get everything up n running and people are joining and all that junk but whenever i use type admin command in the console my server crashs same with my other freind who i made admin on my server its stuffs up for him to
but on the other hand another one of my freinds who is admin on it uses it fine he can do it no problems.

I have rewritten the steam id's in the admin.txt and changed them around a bit but for me and nubsta it won't work i have rechecked the steam id's and everything its still crashing when i use admin.

I am also having the same problem with rcon and the rcon pass is correct but everytime i type a command in that it can't read its fine but as soon as i type in the real pass it the server crashs again.

just as before me a nubsta can't do it but my other freind sam can use it just as he can use admin.

i would just like your help.

are you using an admin mod? i tried that command on mine and nothing happened at all. I installed mani and am having trouble fine tuning this thing now

its "dedicated cs:source...." I keep 2bots going and 36 total users

I guess I need to work on mani or try a new admin mod

anyone have suggestions on this im a newb too


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