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Really Private Servers?
Is it possible to run a srcds wihtout it connecting to Steam's master servers?

My office would like to keep a private server running, but doing so demolishes our bandwidth... even when no one is playing.
Try adding the following lines to your server.cfg...

sv_lan 1
setmaster 0

That should stop your server from trying to talk to that master servers.
You can also close ports in firewall only alloc connection on game prot

Thanks. "setmaster" does prevent my ds from connecting to master servers. I'll keep an eye on our bandwidth today to see if it is much improved. However, I left "sv_lan 0" because we have remote coworkers who like to connect.


Thanks for your input, but our ds is on a machine outside of our firewall. If, however, "setmaster" doesn't do the trick, I'll try your approach using a software firewall on that machine.

Thanks guys.
Wish I worked where you do Wink


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