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Antiblock [Surf]
Anyone know where I can get the antiblock for cs:s?
aye i have this currently installed, its called no:block source i think or noblock:source =p somthing like that its found on the mattie/eventscripts website.
I am also interested in this mod, I did look on the eventscripts site, but I found no reference to the anti-blocking mod. If someone would supply a direct link that would be great.

Thanks, Dave.
Hey, i just went on the eventscripts site heres the link for noblock source (i think this is what you want)

if u dont kno the mattie site its theres tons and tons of cool mods there

P.S. if you use respawn there is also a type of deathmatch that includes no-block source
Yeah, I did a little more googling and found it in the end. But thanks for replying anyway.

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