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My friend recently put up a server with RCON password (not really teh password) yyyyy.

He can connect to it (through his pc, which is on lan to server) with the rcon yyyyy.

I try it (ive done it loads before, i know im using it correctly) with password yyyyy and it said "connection error: could not establish connection to '(**.***.***.**:27015)'.

It also does this to our other clan members.

We originally thought that maybe it was that we were using the password at teh same time as him, so he quit, reset the servr, and i joined. I tried it (with yyyyy) and it had the same error.


Question #1: anyway to fix this so we all can connect to RCON, and not just him?

Question #2: (just want to know) is there any way to have more than one rcon password (so each member gets their own?)
Question #1: You have to forward PORT 27015 Tcp for Rcon.
Question #2: No there is not a way to have multiple rcon passwords.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.


Nope, you're right

Well.. there might be SOMETHING, im sure you can develop a plugin or a module to allow different rcon passwords... but why?
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