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how can i overclock my server?
I would like to overclock my server, but how exactly do you overclock anyways?
I heard that you can get a special card that plugs into your computer and enables you to do it...

I am just wondering because I heard that I can Get more GB's by overclocking...

I also hard that it screws up your refresh rate on your monitor, is that true?
Overclocking can really do some damage to your Computer so I wouldn't do it. ONLY if you know what you are doing..


Im willing to take the risk, it seems to be worth the extra GB's anyways...

so should i try to find that card to overclock?
Your best bet would be going to an overclockering specific community, like the boards at They have a ton of info. A lot of variables can influence how much you can overclock a system. Such as how much you can crank up the FSB (your RAM can limit this if it is not of good quality), how much voltage you apply (which comes at the cost of extra heat), and so on and so on. You need to know your hardware and what it is capable of. And you will need to do lots of testing everytime you change variables.
You NEVER EVER overclock a server. Most import thing on servers is uptime and reliability (both wont improve overclocking the machine) !!!
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is it an actual server or just a pc? if a server it won't have the options in the bios to coverclock anyway. if a pc that all depends on which motherboard you have. i doubt that doing it will get you much beyond a few serverside fps, you have to think about if it's even worth it.
All you're overclock functions are in the bios(there are SOME on the fly overclocking utilities for windows around), i would suggest you do some research first, research your board on how good it is for overclocking, research the term multiplier, vcore, FSB, etc. You won't get an extra GHz, more like a few MHz, unless you have a pentium D 805 smithfield(can OC from 2.66GHz to 4.1GHz STABLE on a real good LCS) you probably won't get more than a 1GHz IF that increment.

However, you'll have to invest in some options, stock cooling won't keep most overclocked systems well cooled, so you'll have to look into an LCS(Liquid Cooling System)

I guarentee it if you're using it for a server, its not going to be all that much helpful to you. But remember, if you blow your CPU, no one here is responsible. Only you.
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I found this link EXTREMELY helpful on my XP machine.

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