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getting broken pipe in server start
user@redbarn srcds_l $ more css-start
echo "Starting Server"
sleep 1
screen -A -m -d -S css-server /srcds_l/srcds_run -console -game cstri
ke -secure -debug -port 27015 +map de_dust +maxplayers 20 -autoupdate -pidfile s

user@redbarn srcds_l $ ./css-start
Starting Server
user@redbarn srcds_l $ screen -r
WriteMessage: Broken pipe
user@redbarn srcds_l $
I finally got it fixed after all day. Turns out some of the net stuff got updated on the last rsync (i use gentoo). So I had to emerge the scripts, check through like 40 config files and after that, I had to recompile the kernel to release 9 of the 2.6 version. Now its all good

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