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GMod9 xubuntu disconnects everyone every 15 minutes
I have a Garry's Mod server on xUbuntu, and for some reason, even when pings are in the 50's, everyone will time out of the server about every 15 minutes.

It does not stop!
Try to check, if the whole server freezes or only scrds. Maybe, you have a cronjob in background, which causes these lags.
SRCDS doesn't freeze! The server stays up, during the process, there is no noticeable lag on the console!

Everyone just gets lagged out!

Out of nowhere, every 15 minutes, it will start to lag slowly, pings are in the 50's.

All of a sudden, LAGFEST! Pings are still in the 50's, yet people get lagged off. Some people will not get booted out, but they still experience the lag for about a minute.

Then it's all fine for like 15 min, and oops!

Maybe it is taxing the CPU way to much and overloading?
Sounds like a CPU/memory issue. run top and keep an eye on the process when people start to lag out. if you're doing 100tick drop it to about 66 and see how it performs, if people still lag out. What CPU and how much memory do you have? what else is running in the background? I assume you're using X (linux GUI) that will take a bit on the memory.

Another possibility is that the server might be paging (using the swap partition as virtual memory which gives you very poor performance). Or you have no swap partition and the server is freaking out because you have the prebuffered memory used up.

I know xunbuntu is based of Debian much like other unbuntu's but I don't know how it acts as the only linux OS choice for me is Gentoo GNU/Linux which NEVER fails for me. And is something I HIGHLY recommend. Gentoo can be a pain to setup, if you need assistance, I can set it up for a $20 Fee since it takes a bit to install (Normally I charge $50 one time install fee).

Install includes full system install (will install X and Desktop Environment if needed) and tweaked to as much as possible, including fast performaning yet stable CFLAGS, if its 64bit i'll setup glibc with a amd64 hack for better memory performance. kernel will be setup with a 1000Hz Frequency timer and will be stripped down to the bare minimal for better performance.
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I just installed CentOS.
I tried starting my server up, I can't even see it in LAN!

And now, it says "connection to steam servers failed", and can't start the server up. WTF!
Umm is the linux firewall on? Try opening the port if needed.

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