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Hey, im using the dedicated server on my laptop, but i dont know how to open the port, or ports, can some one help me?
Also, i really dont know how to do anything else, i am setting this up as private for my clan, i am a noob to this. do i really need mani, or is this fine for privat? anything else i have to do? or is this it?
also were do i type this " 3) Starting srcds

First edit (or create) c:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\server.cfg like you want it to be. Now we are ready to run the srcds." ??????
OK, so you want to open ports? Well, obviously if you are using a LapTop that means you are connected to a LAN, right? So, what I need to know, is what type of Router do you have? There are many kinds. Also, what model number router is it?

Now, you also asked how to edit/create server.cfg? I can help. Go to your server directory, and go to cstrike>cfg. and right click, new>, Text Document. Name is server. Then.. open it up. Now go to file>save as, and save the name as server.cfg and File Type, as ALL FILES. then it should create a new file in your cfg folder, named server. and it should NOT be a .txt. Now open server.cfg with NotePad or whtever. Then go to this webpage: , and create a server setup. Then Copy and Paste it into your server.cfg! Wallah restart your server, and it will load up with your settings.

I need to know your Router info, to help you with your ports.
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