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SV_Downloadurl Problem!
I have been trying for a while to configure sv_downloadurl but I can never get it to work. I am trying to run 3stories2005, scoutzknives, snowgun, fy_shotgun, bloodarena, and fy_xbox as well as cs_office and de_dust. I am also trying to run a 1mb sound file to play in Mani. The problem is that I need sv_downloadurl to use this 1mb sound file as well as my maps, however I simply cannot get it to work. I even followed the guide here. First I tried to use my godaddy hosting account for my site and when I tried to download the maps, it was still using trickle download. Then I tried the free provider profusehost and when I moved my 3stories2005.bsd out of the maps folder on my computer it said "map maps/3stories2005.bsd" not found and promptly quit. I think that I have correct public permissions on the web server but I am not sure. Can someone please help me?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Im going to assume when you say moved it out of your maps, you mean from your client, and not the server right? and also did you create the cstrike directory? for example

is the map name a typo when you typed it in here? or do you have .bsd because i belive its .bsp
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