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Cant Find My Server?
Hey, I hope someone can explain to me where im going wrong?

I've had a look at some other posts only I dont seem to be able to sort my problem out.

Im setting up a simple HL2DM server with mani for me and my nextdoor neighbour and some local poeple in my area.

Ive got WinXP with built in firewall enabled and using Source Dedicated Server under the steam menu which it shows my IP Address as and in console " Connection to Steam Servers successful - VAC secure mode is activated"

but I cant find my server in the list, or

I'm using a Netgear WGT624 router which ive forwarded,

service name: srcds
27015 - 27015

Not sure if this is right or what im doing wrong? ive also gone into network connections and added my IP , Netmask and DNS

bit tired of it now not working lol

when i forward the ports on my router does it matter what the service name is?

long as i get the ip and 27015 open it should be ok should it not?

cryotek: i've merged your 2 posts, please don't double post. use the edit button please next time. Thanks.
#2 << This is your external ip, the 192. is you LAN ip (which can only be used from your own lan network).
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