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Pings get higher and higher as time goes on!?
I'm running a CS:S dedicated on my Gentoo Linux box. It's a 2.2Ghz Celeron with 1 GB of RAM. I know it's not THAT fast, but this server has a max of 8 people on it at a time (it's capped).

Anyway, the pings will start out lower and get progressively higher and higher (5 people on the server, the pings are below 100, after a few minutes, over 300 and they just keep rising). What could be causing the pings to just successively rise like this? The amount of players seems to make no difference, once I had 7 people on there and the pings were fine, and then a few left and it emptied down to 3, and the pings continued to creep past 500!

What the heck is going on? Any guesses?
What kind of connection are you hosting this on? Residential, buisness, dorm/university?
Its on a residential cable connection. While it's not stunningly fast, like I said, the pings always start out low.

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