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gzip compression
Hi all. I read somewhere that the srcds now supports gzip compression of maps and stuff. Is this correct?

Anyways, I have a map which is nearly 18mb in size uncompressed, but when compressed to a gzip it's only 2.6mb. For the sake of my users (and server bandwidth limit), having them download the gzipped version of the map would be a lot nicer than having to download the full 18mb of it. Is there any way I can make the server force them to download the .tar.gz version rather than the raw .map file?

not gzip but bzip2 or the .bz2 extension, i believe the only way is to use sv_downloadurl (pointing to a webhost) as the actual full size maps have to exist on the server itself.
It's bz2 and you have to put the compressed files on a webserver, using sv_downloadurl. There is a sticky about this on the tuts forum.
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