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Guess who's back?
Yeah, i've been gone for a bit, but i had to face with some personal issues. But I'm back online and im going to try to make up for lost time on here.

To those of you who asked me about being a GSP partner with me, I've found a partner, he's my buddy who hosted my first server for me back in 99. He currently runs which is highly recommended by me. This guy has been in the server business for awhile. I've taught him a few tricks. Some of you may heard of them, others may not. If you're looking for a server to expand your business you can check them out as well. Once we get some intel core2 servers built and deployed we'll be launching
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
thanks we have been needing a mod Smile

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