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i know this wuestion has been asked a thousand times but i want to run a server on a 3200+ amd atholon xp with 1.00 GB of mushkin enhanced ram but i am having trouble with the rates. heres my download 350 Kb's and uplaod is 85 Kb's. so please help me with the rates
windows XP SP2
Amd xp 3200+
Daul 100 gb maxtor HDDS
1 GB of ram
gigabyte GA-7n400-L Mobo
Acer 56x Cd drive
Nvidia 6600GT Vid card

This up/down rate is too low... Maybe 1 ou 2 players you can handler with this rates.
I know this is probably stupid of me, but how do you check wat your bandwidth is?
#4 is one good way.
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I want to know wat good rates would be for my server:
Windows XP home edition
16 player CS:S server (66 tick)
4740 kbs download
250 kbs upload
1024 mb ram
2.00 gigahertz AMD athlon xp
Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 (128 mb)
The server is fine until it reaches 10 people, then the pings spike and everyone starts to lag, how could i fix this? Will changing the rates help?

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