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2 computers, 1 router
I have three computers running off one router. I have a server on one ot them, i play on one, and i'm trying to get another server to run on the last one. I'm not sure how to do this because the CS ports are open to the other computer. I tried opening three new ports underneath the others to the new computer's ip but people can't join it. I don't know wat else to try.
Which three ports did you opwn?
I opened the same three that i opened for the first computer's server (CS1, CS2, CS3). I used the same ext. port numbers, i only changed the ip.
What ports did you open because there is alot more then three that have to be opened?
here is my port forwarding screen. 106 is the server that works, 100 is wat i just added that didn't work.
i added, the screen on the last post, but it didn't show up, sorry.

Costumized Applications: Ext. Port Protocal CTP Protocal UDP IP enable
CS1 1200 to 1200 X X 106 X
CS2 27000 to 27015 X X 106 X
CS3 27020 to 27039 X X 106 X
(this is wat it was like before, then i added the following)
CS1 1200 to 1200 X X 100 X
CS2 27000 to 27015 X X 100 X
CS3 27020 to 27039 X X 100 X
Ok well those are the right ports. Are you sure you clicked enable on the right side for 100.
yes, but are you sure that u can have 2 CS1, CS2, and CS3s? is there another way i can open the ports for the second computer?
Well you could buy a switch those are alot easier to deal with then routers. You might wanna try renaming it cs4, cs5, cs6. I dont know if it will help but its a suggestion.
How much would a good switch cost, where could i get one, and could i use it simultaniously with my router?
If you use a switch there will be no need for the router anymore. You can get them from 35 dollars and up.
If i got a switch r u sure i could run servers from tow computer's with it? And would i get a better connection with a switch? Will it improve my servers?
Well with switches there is no port forwarding and all that junk. Eveything is left open but still protected at the same time. I would pm drocona he knows a helluva lot more about swithces then i do. I just know theyre better then routers.
i already have a switch connected to my router, but it doesn't matter, i still have to work through the router setup. There must be some different ports that can be opened so this can work.
I finally figured out how to fix my problem. I switched CS2 to 27016 to 27017 instead of 27000 to 27015, and then i added +port 27016 to the cmd line and people are able to join it now. I also changed CS1 to 1201 to 1201 instead of 1200 to 1200, and CS3 to 27040 to 27041 instead of 2020 to 2039.

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