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Help Me with Deathmatch Mod
Hey im kinda new to the hole server stuff like adding mods and stuff i would really like to put deathmatch mod on my server but i dont no what the hell to do ^^
Thanks Troy.
#2, install that. Then click the Plugins link on the page. Find CSSDM, and download it.


Right iv downloaded SourceMM and installed it iv check the server works fine with it then i install Deathmatch mod and then i connect to the server and it just shuts of! you no why? is it cause my SourceMM is out of date or the Deathmatch mod is out of date?

Thanks Troy.
it doesnt matter no more i got it working now i downloaded the deathmatch mod agen turns out i was using an out of date one ^^
You can use my deathmatch
My Scripts:

SSHOP -> Buy things in one shop
SDM -> DeathMatch
SZM -> Zombie Mod
SWS -> Weapon Sell
SB -> Beams Mods
STK -> TK Server Management

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I love your DM nice work =]

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